An Animal Rescues Story

{Linda} Welcome to our Journey of animal rescue, and being we are fairly new about six months old now, and still organizing and dealing with bumps and road blocks in the road from time to time it is as good as time as any to share the ups and downs of animal rescue and building the rescue up from start.

We were Sabrina and I, two separate rescues doing animal rescue out of our homes until one day someone calls in dire need for a rescue for her dogs. I said yes and as soon as she brings them to me learned that there are more dogs to come, and a few more trips according to her which she was also donating some kennels and blankets as well… Well about three trips later I have a bunch of kennels and 13 adult dogs and two puppies from this one lady and I thought she said she only  had two left at home that she would not give up. She would call and say she wanted a few of them back when she moved and got her situation taken care of.. after lots of calls I started thinking called the social services down where she was from and the sheriffs office and learned that the dogs were not safe in her care,  I again talked to the lady and she still wanted them back and then I learned she had four in her care…  Long story short I posted for help with foster of the dogs and Sabrina was one of the first to come along and foster and when she walked in those dogs took right to her which she is great with animals. We would talk several times plus a week and after three weeks I asked if she would like to partner up and get 501 c3 as one group… and make a stronger stance for the animals and here we are now. We are so close we consider ourselves and our families as one family as well.

We talk pretty much three times a day or more, and think the same, have the same ideas, and even have a lot more in common in our background and in our outside life from the rescue. We have funding issues from time to time and are on limited funds at the moment and are in need of more fosters but we keep going and make sure the animals in our care have what they need. We give all animals a chance to be safe and loved.  We are there for each other when we need someone to talk to and also if we just need some company.. We share everything including that love for the animals.

Keep following us and see our ups and downs and trial and errors etc. We are going to share it all, and we know we are not perfect but we have to be doing something right to have such great fans and supporters and for newspapers to call and ask to do stories on us as well as the tv news crew which is a great pleasure, we also have people that would rather drive their animals miles and miles to surrender them to us than put them in another rescue or shelter.